Urge the Federal Government to act against the Gamba crisis

Help keep the Top End safe

With Gamba still spreading and another fire season upon us, Territorians need action in this key moment to help keep the Top End safe.

Last year, the Albanese Labor Government committed a welcome $9.8 million towards Gamba action in the NT over four years. This level of commitment is what’s needed to scale up efforts to tackle the issue threatening northern Australia. 

Now, this record funding needs to be spent in the right places at a time that matters – on the ground, supporting tangible efforts to remove Gamba, to expand the exclusion zone and bolster coordinated efforts with the NT Government.

It’s great to see the record amount of money committed to the issue. Now it needs to roll out and for the plan to be clearly communicated to the community.

Will you write to Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek, calling on her to support getting rid of gamba in more places?

If done right, with the community, this can make a huge difference in saving important ecosystems, wildlife, homes and lives. 

Take action today on the Gamba crisis

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