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Gamba Grass: Stories from the frontline

Protecting our landscape and way of life.

Territorians feel pretty strongly about protecting our way of life. We share a love for the great outdoors and a strong connection to the amazing natural landscape we’re lucky enough to call home.

The unique natural values of our landscape are why many of us choose to live here. They’re also what makes our tourism industry so successful.

But, our lifestyle and landscape are increasingly threatened by the spread of gamba grass. In fact, researchers are predicting that without urgent action, the landscape and lifestyle of the Top End will be irreversibly changed within a few decades.

Sign the petition now and we’ll deliver your message to Chief Minister Michael Gunner, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler and Treasurer Nicole Manison.

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George's Story

With most of our native grass fires, unless they’re very heavy, you can actually walk through the middle of them. With a gamba fire, you cannot get near it. It's hard to find a way to explain a gamba fire to people who haven't experienced one.

About Gamba Grass Roots

Gamba Grass Roots is an alliance of The Pew Charitable Trusts and Environment Centre Northern Territory (ECNT), working to highlight the threat of gamba grass to the Top End community, nature and landscape.