Gamba action is at a crossroads.

Since 2020, the Territory Labor government has invested in the Gamba Army, strengthening efforts to tackle dangerous Gamba infestations in the Top End. And it has worked!

Gamba has been cleared from public lands stretching from Darwin to Litchfield National Park and areas in between. More Territorians were employed, businesses received access to training and community groups partnered with government workers to clear Gamba. 

But the job is far from done. With another big Wet forecast, Gamba will spread to more places. Gamba-fuelled fires have already destroyed homes and damaged farms in rural areas and worse may be yet to come, with late Dry season fires. 

The Gamba Army has been doing a terrific job and the NT Government has said it will continue to combat this invasive weed. But Territorians still don’t have clarity from the Fyles Government on the future of Gamba action. 

Territorians desperately need certainty that effective gamba action will continue. We can achieve that together. We’ve won support for the Gamba Army in the past, and with enough people, we can do it again.

The Gamba fight needs to be properly funded until the job is done. We’ve won a $9.8-million commitment from the federal government and now it’s crucial that the NT Government plays its part and helps set up the Territory for success in this fight.

Join the call for the Fyles Government to reaffirm its commitment to the Gamba action that’s needed, so we can tackle this crisis once and for all.

We’ll send your message to:

  • Chief Minister Natasha Fyles
  • Minister for the Environment Lauren Moss
  • Minister for Parks and Rangers Nicole Manison


  • Federal Minister for the Environment – Tanya Plibersek
  • Member for Solomon, Luke Gosling
  • Member for Lingiari, Marion Scrymgour

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