Boost funding to the Gamba Action Program now!

We’ve won support for Gamba action in the past - we can do it again!

Join the call for the Fyles Government to reaffirm its commitment to the Gamba action that’s needed, so we can tackle this crisis once and for all.

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Boost funding for the Gamba Action Program

With some big Gamba growth already underway, people are ready to spray but need support through the NT Government’s Gamba Action Program.

But this important program has already run out for the year due to insufficient funding.

Thousands of Territorians rely on the free herbicide and spray equipment loans to reduce their gamba and meet their legal obligations of having a 15m gamba free buffer around their properties.

Unfortunately the funding has not increased, despite the cost of herbicide doubling over the past year.

Ask the NT Government to fund the Gamba Action Program properly

If we get it right now, we can tackle Gamba across the Top End – saving wildlife, homes and lives.

Video credit: Landcare NT