For the love of Litchfield

Litchfield’s on the line - add your name to protect our Park today.

Add your name to our message to the Parks Minister, Selena Uibo and the Environment Minister, Eva Lawler.

For the love of Litchfield

Litchfield National Park is a jewel of the Top End. Its waterfalls, hikes and wildlife make it our most popular Park for locals and tourists, all year round.

All of this is at risk due to the spread of gamba grass and the destructive fires it unleashes. Super-charged by gamba that’s been allowed to spread out of control, a big fire season could ruin our Park.

The Government is making decisions right now about this year’s Budget. We have to make sure that they take gamba seriously and give Litchfield rangers what they need to get gamba under control before it devastates our Park. Pressure from the community right now will make a difference.

Minister Moss, Minister Lawler,

Like everyone in the Top End, I love Litchfield. I’m worried about the threat to our Park from gamba grass, which has already been allowed to spread to 20% of the Park.

If it’s left uncontrolled, gamba can fuel fires up to 12 metres high that burn much hotter than native grass fires. We can’t take the risk that Litchfield could be wrecked by this dangerous weed that causes horror fires wherever it spreads.

Every Wet season that passes, without sufficient action on gamba, spreads the seeds and sets us up for another destructive Dry season.

The Northern Territory Government still has time to turn this around. We know that the Government is getting ready for this year’s Budget. Protecting Litchfield – and all the tourism activity that it creates – needs to be a priority.

I’m calling on you to take gamba seriously in Litchfield and to give the rangers the funding they need to tackle gamba properly.